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#10 (Our Main Resources)

  This might be my last post for a while for a couple reasons. First, we really dove right in with all Finn’s treatment and therapy this summer so there is not a ton of major things/visits/news (relatively speaking) until … Continue reading

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#9.5 (HearsToFinn on Twitter)

Forgot to add in last post that I am starting a twitter account to connect with the blog. Follow me @HearsToFinn. 

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#9 (MRI, Approved for CIs, CI Convention)

It’s OFFICIAL, FINN IS A CANDIDATE FOR COCHLEAR IMPLANT SURGERY!!!! What an AMAZING feeling! This is a huge step in figuring out what direction Finn’s treatment will take. It opens up doors and gives us (and down the road, Finn) CHOICES. The … Continue reading

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